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Seth ‘Scump’ Abner ‘Scumper Jumper’ - Optic Gaming #GreenWall   Seth Abner born in America on June 30th, 1995. Although one of the youngest Call of Duty professional players, he’s definitely one if not the most naturally talented at the game. This includes game knowledge and reaction speed. Scumpii kick started his career on the Xbox 360 gaming platform playing Call of Duty Black Ops which was released in November 2010.

Seth ‘Scump’ Abner ‘Scumper Jumper’ - Optic Gaming #GreenWall  

Seth Abner born in America on June 30th, 1995. Although one of the youngest Call of Duty professional players, he’s definitely one if not the most naturally talented at the game. This includes game knowledge and reaction speed. Scumpii kick started his career on the Xbox 360 gaming platform playing Call of Duty Black Ops which was released in November 2010.

A couple of facts about Seth and his family. Scumps dad was an ex-MLB professional. Scump was crowned the MVP of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare during the MLG Pro League in Season 1 and 2. Scump is also known as ‘The Ginga Ninja’. Scump is also the only player to ever win back to back XGAMES Gold Medals, this definitely shows his dominance and all rounded skill.

Scump very quickly got recognised through public play and online tournaments. He was then picked up to play under the organisation Quantic.LeveraGe where he made his first championship on Call of Duty Black Ops gaining first place at MLG Dallas and MLG Anaheim. In Modern Warfare 3 Scump expanded his event wins with apeX.North in the EGL 5 and Machinima Frag Cup III.
However the main career changer for OpTic Scump was in early Modern Warfare 3 when he replaced another professional player named ProoFy to join OpTic Gaming in early 2012. This replacement caused a lot of controversy on Twitter as Scump was not as well known as ProoFy, causing many fans of OpTic gaming to be heated.

OpTic Gaming was founded in 2007 by Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez Jr and located in Schaumburg, Illinois, USA. They have many different sponsors including ASTRO Gaming who deliver top quality headsets and mix amps. Scuf Gaming who provide great controllers with custom paddles, making players have more mobility within the game. Loot Crate who offer a monthly subscription of nerdy products, anime products and many different types of crates and last of all Red Bull who supply OpTic Gaming with their energy drinks. OpTic gaming have by far the largest fan base within the Call of Duty franchise winning the award of best Esports Team of the Year at The Game Awards 2015.

During Black Ops II OpTic stuck together as a team and progressed through many LAN and online tournaments. They finished 1st at UMG Chicago and never finished outside the top 10. The organisation itself OpTic Gaming grew rapidly gaining the OpTic roster many followers and subscribers. Due to OpTic starting to slip towards the end of Black Ops II they decided a roster change was appropriate. However replacing JKap with Merk didn’t improve the team or the placements they received. 

In Call of Duty Ghosts The Ginga Ninja stayed on OpTic gaming roster and competed at the MLG Fall Championship placing a disappointing 9th. OpTic also competed at UMG Philadelphia where they finished 13th. After these poor placements Scump decided to change rosters and transfer over to Team Envy where he would play alongside Merk, ProoFy and Goonjar. This was a large shock to Call of Duty scene. Scump tweeted ‘Pretty insane how one player and a team house can corrupt a championship team and change motives. Good luck to OpTic, but I was very unhappy’ this tweet was directed at Maat ‘Nadeshot’ Haag the former team mate of Seth.
After two weeks of been on the Team Envy roster, Scump cleared the air with his best friend Nadeshot and decided to return back onto OpTic gaming where he felt he belongs. Joining NaDeSHoT, MBoZe and Clayster for the Call of Duty Championship 2014. The squad faced a lot of adversity, but finishing 3rd for the second year in a row in the Championship. After the Championship tournament the OpTic squad picked up ProoFy, replacing MBoZe. However MBoZe wasn’t left out of the professional Call of Duty scene because he was offered a captain role in the OpTic Nation squad. Even with the new team member of ProoFy the OpTic squad placed top 8 at UGC Niagara, however they placed well enough to get the invitation to the MLG X Games. This is a large tournament where OpTic needed to step their game up to prove many fans and haters wrong. OpTic advanced all the way through the bracket to face Team Kaliber at the Grand Final. Scump played consistently well throughout the whole tournament landing them a first place prize. 

Some quotes by the Call of Duty casters - ‘When he gets going, when gets on a kill streak you’re not going to stop him. His shot is so electric he snaps onto you, you’re going to die without having a chance to react to him so. He’s really a hyped up player. If you see Clayster yelling at him, screaming at him to get him going, you’re not going to stop Scump.’
‘Scump personally I think is one of the best, if not the best player there is in Call of Duty. I think he’s an amazing slayer. He’s often put OpTic on his back.’
In Advanced Warfare OpTic swapped out two members Clayster and ProoFy for Crimsix and FormaL. This new OpTic squad dominated for the first five months of Advanced Warfare. They placed second at MLG Columbus 2014 and placing first at the UMG Orlando 2015. However at the 2015 Call of Duty championships the OpTic squad placed a disappointing 7th place, even though they went into the events as the favourites. Scumps motivation was dropped due to Nadeshot his lifetime team mate took a break. This didn’t stop Scump from competing and Karma stepped into the roster making Scump the new captain. After the new captain role Scump led his team to 6 more championships and 2 more Pro League Regular Season wins during the remainder of Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
Scump used a European professional to replace Karma for two events where OpTic won both the ESWC Zenith 2015 and the GFinity Spring Masters 1.After these two events Karma was back and Scump won a third event in a row placing 1st at UMG California.
Still in 2016 Scump is considered one of the best Call of Duty players to grace the franchise. His movement, reaction speed and slaying power is incredibly high. He still has the record for holding two XGames Gold medals and many other championships as well as successful Youtube channel and Twitch channel. To this day the OpTic organisation is the largest within Call of Duty and they’re expanding to Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan  - Millenium.
Callum was born on the 24th February 1993. Swanny is a highly rated veteran from the United Kingdom. He is a European professional Call of Duty player and one of the most decorated European players alongside Tommey. Although American teams were and still are dominating the Call of Duty scene there are a couple of players from the European scene that have always stood out when competing across the world. 

His current organisation Millenium is a French based multi-platform eSports organisation which was established in 2000 hence the name Millenium. The organisation was one of the leading brand names within the eSports community throughout France. They’ve achieved very high placings in many different games such as Counter Strike, Star Craft 2, League of Legends and of course Call of Duty. The organisation gives players the opportunity to express their talent around the world.

Callum was constantly attending LAN tournaments in 2008 and trying to get an established name within the Call of Duty European amateur scene. However he turned into a professional player during the Modern Warfare 3 season earning himself some good placements at many different events around the world. Insomnia 45 is when Swanny got his first 1st place however the prize pool was very low with only 350 pounds for first place. As the Call of Duty franchise grew the prize pools got bigger with events such as the Call of Duty Championship and the Call of Duty XP both with $1,000,000 prize pools. 

Callum has had a great Call of Duty career, stemming from the best player to emerge from Europe to getting onto an American roster. During Black Ops I Swanny had surfaced himself amongst the top players within Europe. The first event of the season was the ECL 1 where Swanny managed to secure 4th place while playing under Power Gaming.

A very notable achievement for Swanny was at the 2013 Call of Duty World Championship. Although his Italian Team was a very under-rated team they proved a lot of people wrong when finishing 8th place securing a $25,000 share. However this impressive finish kick-started his career from playing with unknown teams to playing with the very top of organisations within Call of Duty. 

Swanny spent a large amount of his career within the Prophecy organisation gaining many 1st place wins during the LAN events within the UK. The team consisting of GunShy, Sowerz and ShAnE had five top 4 placements both at Insomnia, EGL and Dreamhack Valencia 2012. However after the departure of Prophecy from the community, Swanny had to find himself a new team and organisation. This is where the name ‘Swanny’ started to get out within the Call of Duty community. Epsilon Esports. Epsilon was a fantastic team and organisation within the scene. They constantly had a huge rivalry against TCM who were always the best two teams in Europe.
‘Swanny is easily distinguishable on a team with his ever passive Assault Rifle playstyle’ The name Swanny constantly says ‘Assault Rifle’ with his accuracy and consistency of locking down the map by himself. Swanny knew himself all the money and competition is in the United States so he made a life changing decision to pursue a career there. During Swannys release with Epsilon he decided to try get into touch with the American professional players. This ended up with Swanny flying over to the United States and getting a place on the OpTic Nation roster just in time for UMG Olando. This swap from country to country left Swanny been the second European professional player to join an American team. The first professional European player to join an American team was MadCat who joined Team Elevate.
His most admirable organisation was Epsilon. This is an organisation that currently only resides in the United Kingdom. They currently have rosters in Call of Duty, SMITE and Halo. They launched in 2008 with many different platforms such as Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2. Swanny spent most of his professional gaming career under the organisation.
Swanny is still admired by many fans around the world as the best European player of all time. His recognisable skills using an assault rifle won’t be forgotten within the Call of Duty scene for a while. Four years after his debut, Swanny is still known throughout the whole scene. In my opinion Swanny is the best player in Europe and the most successful in terms of followers and skill.