Enhanced odds have been around for a while but they are becoming more popular than ever. This can apply to single bets, double bets and accumulators but are they worth backing?

In this article, we focus on enhanced accumulators and analyse when and why you should consider wagering on them.


Enhanced Odds Explained

The term ‘enhanced odds’ refers to a short-term offer on a particular bet where the odds have been increased to a level not usually available.

A bet that would normally be available at 2/1 might be available at 5 or even 10/1. This extra payout on a popular market is a great way for punters to get good value out of a bet that they'd maybe not usually consider.


Restrictions On Enhanced Odds

Sometimes there might be restrictions on enhanced odds. For example, they might only be available to new customers, or the amount you can wager might be limited more than usual.

Therefore, it is important to understand the terms and conditions before you place your bet. Otherwise, you might not qualify for the enhanced odds that are advertised.


Accumulators Explained

An accumulator is a collection of bets (typically four or more) combined into one single bet. The stake is placed on the first pick in the sequence and if successful, the winnings are wagered on the next pick and so on.

If all the selections are predicted correctly, the winnings can be claimed. However, if one selection fails, the whole bet fails.

Accumulator Example

If a £10 stake is placed and all the selections are correct, the accumulator would work as follows (odds have been converted into decimals to make calculation easier):

  • £5 x 1.5 x 1.4 x 3 x 5 = £315 total return
  • Total profit (total return - initial stake) = £305


Enhanced Accumulators

As you can imagine, an enhanced accumulator offers a much better return than a standard accumulator that you have chosen yourself. And they are often available on the top markets such as the English Premier League.

If you are looking for a bet that offers a higher return than normal but are not so concerned about choosing the selections, and enhanced accumulator represents good value.

If you are signing up to a new account, you might find that you are offered more than one bonus option. For example, an enhanced accumulator or a matched deposit bonus. In this case, you should choose the option that suits you best.


Ongoing Offers

Some new offers are also made available to existing customers. They are advertised in the lead up to an event and are only available for a specific time period. As fast as one offer expires, there is often another one to take its place.


When To Use Enhanced Accumulators?

These offers are tempting because they offer big payouts but they might contain selections that are unlikely to occur. As with any bet, you should look at the whole picture and decide if the bet really does offer great value.

After all, a 1000/1 bet boosted to 1500/1 is still unlikely to happen, so, is it really worth betting your hard-earned cash just because of the price boost? This is when you need to apply your knowledge of the sport and decide if the odds are worth taking.

So, however good an offer looks, you should always apply some rational thinking before placing your bet. You should consider each selection within the bet, and compare it with your own assessment of that event.

You should also look at data and trends to see if any part of the bet appears to be too unlikely to make it worth taking.

If there is sufficient doubt that an enhanced accumulator does not offer a good ratio of probability to value then you might be better building your own accumulator based on your own knowledge and research.

The potential winnings might not be as high but the chances of winning at all could be vastly increased. And achieving a return is all that counts in the end.


Building Your Own Accumulator

Building your own accumulator can allow you to put your own methods into practice. You can include events and markets that you have thoroughly researched using data that is widely available.

The ultimate goal is to make a profit, so every bet you place, even free or bonus bets should be calculated with this in mind.

Building your own accumulator also gives you the flexibility to pick and choose your markets, the number of selections and the amount you want to wager.

Accumulators are very popular with punters who like to place very small stake for fun in the hope that they will win big. If that sounds like you, then you might want to start learning how to place accumulator bets.


Have Fun, Be Responsible

Remember, betting should be fun, and winning is always more fun than losing. A 2/1 bet enhanced to 5/1 gives you more chance of winning than a 100/1 shot boosted to 500/1 even though the second bet has better potential returns.

However, you might want to go for the first option as your main bet and place a smaller stake on the second option for some added fun.


Enhanced Odds Summary

Whatever you decide to do, you will need a little bit of luck as well as some sporting knowledge if you are going to identify those value bets.

Enhanced odds are usually offered for a valid reason but don’t expect the bookmaker to tell you why. Make sure you can spot a good offer from a poor one and learn to identify value.

You will find enhanced odds across a range of sports including football, tennis, golf and horseracing. However, not all enhanced offers are accumulators.

They all offer enhanced singles, double and trebles in many different markets. Keep an eye on the bookies' websites in the days leading up the events, and always remember to check the terms and conditions to ensure that you qualify and will get paid out at the odds advertised.

And remember to check the stake limits. You might see a brilliant offer but if the stake limit is small, you might not be able to win very much.

Depending on the terms and condition, and the market you are backing, you might also be able to cash out of your enhanced bet.

However, there are some markets which are never eligible for cash-outs. This is another reason why you should check all the information before you place your wager.

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