David Seaman in our taxi

When David Seaman met his biggest fan*

Adam Courtney
(*but things weren't all as they seemed!)

Ever wondered what happened to David Seaman’s ponytail? Well wonder no more, as the former England goalkeeper unwittingly reveals all to a cab driver who just so happens to be his number one fan!

Black cabbies certainly aren’t shy in sparking up and opinion, and it was no different in London this week as unsuspecting ex-Arsenal stopper Seaman settled down for what he thought would be quiet ride home. It turned out to be anything but!

The good-natured stunt took place to mark Seaman’s launch of 888sport’s fleet of specially branded ‘Treble Odds’ Euro 2016 taxis, which will be in the capital throughout the tournament.

After a busy day of promotional work, England’s 1996 goalkeeping hero was collected by a black cab, assuming his day was done.  Unbeknown to him though, the fun was about to begin with hidden cameras and microphones secretly capturing his conversation with the driver who was pretending to be his number one fan.

In a choreographed hidden camera stunt, our driver reveals his status as Safe Hands’ un-official number one fan by sharing a series of items of creepy memorabilia!

But all was revealed when the cheeky chappy cabbie asks for a selfie after a fare worth shouting about.

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