Big Narstie: Rapper To Reporter Episode 7

After an epic journey, Big Narstie has finally made it and completed his transformation from Rapper to Reporter!

Check out Narstie's debut as he took to the airwaves as London-based Love Sport Radio's big match reporter on what turned out to be one of the most dramatic nights in recent World Cup history - England's monumental last 16 victory over Colombia! Immerse yourselves in the drama of the penalty shootout win once more as Big Narstie describes the action in his own unique style - and find out why Narstie's evening ended with even more drama than the shootout itself!

It was a fitting culmination to a journey that began with Big Narstie bemoaning the current state of football punditry and resulted in 888sport challenging the rapper to Take 'Em On and become a football reporter himself.

After first getting tips from commentary legend Barry Davies, Narstie then learned Russian culture and picked up a bit of the local lingo, before stepping up his training with interview technique advice from BT Sport presenter Lynsey Hipgrave and learning to deal with pressure with a little help from Sky Sports News' Olivia Wayne.

The final prep then saw Narstie enter the lions' den to interview rival fans with the assistance of model and fan TV star Sophie Rose, as news emerged he'd been snapped up by London station Love Sport. What a debut it's been - and, as Narstie says, he well and truly smashed it!