Here at 888sport, we are proud sponsors of Birmingham City FC, and have created a guide for you to know everything there is to know about the club including their history, their kit, their performance over time and much more. If you’re a football fan or a true Blue’s supporter, then you’ll love our latest infographic packed full of the stats, facts and data that’ll leave you full to the brim about this fantastic club.

Birmingham City FC infographic

Our infographic begins at the very start of the football club’s history, having been founded as Small Heath Alliance in 1875 after being formed by a group of cricketers from the Holy Church. Birmingham FC play their home games at St Andrew’s and this stadium has proven to be the heart and soul of the football club. With a capacity of over 30,000 people there’s no surprise that the club’s atmosphere is electric during every game. The club are currently situated in the second tier of English football known as the Championship, and despite fluctuating up and down from the top tier of English football through the ages and even being relegated to the third tier, the squad have come back fighting harder than ever to retain their position in the Championship. 888sport will be with them every step of the way, as their brand new sponsors.

With many managers achieving success with the club, with the most notable being Gil Merrick who was the first manager to win the League Cup, there’s a lot of history to dip in and out of throughout our infographic, and many key successes that you should know about. Beau Brummie the Bulldog is the key supporter for the club and his female companion Belle make up the club’s entertaining mascots after inspiration from the 1966 World Cup Mascot brought him to life.

From day 1 to the present day, we venture through Birmingham City FC’s exciting history as they battle through the League Cup, the FA Cup, the Premier League, The Championship and the Third Division to make it to where they are now. With main rivals Aston Villa being at the helm to attempt to take the club’s glory, and the club making it to be the first English team to play a European match, there’s more to Birmingham City FC than you may think. Travel with us as we watch the club play their first match in their iconic white and blue kit to which a similar design stands today, earning them the nickname ‘The Blue’s’,  to their latest match.

If you’re looking to find out how many goals the top Goalscorer for the club, Joe Bradford, scored throughout his time, the club’s best result from a football match, the most goals in a season and the club’s biggest ever defeat, then read on!