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Sports Betting: Top Tools to Perfect your Game

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If you’re a serious sports bettor, just getting into sports betting, or are looking to dabble in some sports bets, then this is the place for you. We’ll be breaking down all of the best tools that a sports bettor needs to excel – and best of all, all of these resources are completely free to use!

Here, you’ll find where you need to begin before you start placing your sports bets, then the best places to find everything you need to know, helpful tools for placing your bets, and where to enjoy the action as it unfolds.


Getting to know the basics

Sports betting can appear to be quite daunting to a newbie, especially is it’s played with real money. You need to know what the odds mean, what the types of bets mean, how to combine bets to accumulate selections, as well as knowing what the lingo means.

To solve these issues and help new players know exactly what’s going on, as well as help seasoned bettors clarify a few areas, there is The Ultimate Sport Betting Guide, which details everything that you may need to know. Once you know the basics and what everything means, you can move into the research stage.

Now, while some players just see a bit of sports news or a fixture coming up and fancy backing a set team or player, it’s always best to do your due diligence first.


Research: Team form and fixture history

As is the way with sports, years of teams competing against each other develops trends in the results history between the two. Regardless of what that edge is, it’s still an edge. It could be that one team has defeated the other four out of the last five meetings, or that the results have been split pretty evenly. In this case, you look to current home and away form.

For example, before the weekend set of fixtures starting 20th October, Mainz and Frankfurt had split their last five head-to-head games three to two in favour of Mainz; however, in each of those five fixtures, the home team won.

Looking at Mainz’s recent home form of four wins and a loss to Frankfurt’s equally good away record, it’s hard to split the two, which has led to their close odds of 7/5 for Mainz and 2/1 for Frankfurt. Even in close games, checking out records and current form can be very telling.

One of the best tools for this – and it applies to many sports – is Flashscores, as on each game popup, they provide all of the information discussed above.


Research: Stats and trends

In the UK, football betting, in particular, is wildly popular, and yet the in-depth resources that help your research are few and far between.

But all is not lost, football fans: two key websites will help you to gain an edge in your research. Covering both in-depth team and player statistics, WhoScored is a rich vein of statistical information for football bettors.

Tracking everything from key passes, attempts on goal, pass percentage, interceptions, and discipline, you’ll find everything that you’d need to know about a team’s overall defensive and offensive statistics and well as those of the players.

Another key source for both player and team records in football is Transfermarkt, which provides so much more than transfer fee information. Much like the aforementioned Flashscores, you can check out the easy to find Record Vs tables for players to see who they are most potent against.

For example, on the 10th and 13th December, Manchester United face Manchester City and AFC Bournemouth at home. It just so happens that throughout his career, United striker Romleu Lukaku has scored five goals against Manchester City through 12 games, and a mighty six goals in five games against Bournemouth – two of his highest totals versus teams in his career.

Given that against Huddersfield Town on 21st October, Lukaku was 8/11 to score anytime, the chances are that his odds will be even better against either of these two teams – and could even be doubled up in an accumulator.

For sports like boxing, it’s very difficult to find statistical information, so checking out records on BoxRec and watching past fights on YouTube can be very helpful. UFC fighters are a bit easier to research as their records, strike success, and methods of victory/defeat are shown on the official website.

As hard as it is to find many sources of statistics in some sports, the case is quite the contrary when it comes to the major American sports leagues, with a multitude of sources to explore. The NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL have immense stat pages for players and teams not just on the official websites but all over the internet.

Just looking at the NHL, for example, you can find an incredibly diverse page of in-depth player stats to help you decide if you fancy backing a player to score a goal or point on the NHL’s official website. You can also find key information like line-ups on other sites like LeftWingLock to see if your player will be on a good high line and the powerplay to maximise their chances of winning your bet.

Two of the best sports for providing statistical information and form is greyhound racing and horse racing. Almost all greyhound and horse racing sheets – be they online or hardcopy – provide a horse’s form, weight, jockey, trainer, and more to help punters pick who to play their money on.


Research: Tipster communities

You should always do your own research first so that you can learn the area and know exactly what you’re backing and why, but after that, you can always check out the tipster communities to see if they’re in line with your findings as well as seeing if they’ve found something that you missed.

Most tipster sites slap you with a pay-wall, but some of the tipster communities don’t. So be sure to look out for some of them to consolidate your betting plans.


Research: Sport news

Just to round out the research phase, you’ll want to be sure that you know all of the facts going into a game. While you may have found a dead-cert winner based on stats, form, and tips, you should check sports news sites to see if there’s been an occurrence that will impact your bet.

Injuries and player absences are the biggest news pieces to seek out as they have such a huge impact on the games at hand. Most sports news services will provide this kind of information – especially if it’s a big-name player – as will many of teams’ official sites.


Placing Your Bet: Odds converter

If you’re on a betting site but find that their odds are not what you’re familiar with, there’s always OddsConverter, where you can change odds of any format – UK fractional, European decimal, or American +/- money line – to the style of your favour.


Placing Your Bet: Bet Calculator

Many sports bettors who are looking into making more than one bet, or accumulator bets, will write down all of the selections that they fancy with their odds and then create bet slips from there.

While putting selections into your bet slip in the online sportsbook section will then show the odds, this can become a very lengthy and cumbersome process. So, using a bet calculator can be a great time saver, just typing in the odds of possible combinations of selections to show your returns.


Enjoy, and gamble responsibly

You’d have seen the warnings everywhere, but it is crucial to play within your means and not overdo it, regardless of how confident you are thanks to all of the top betting tools that you now have.

As not everyone has the luxury of owning the premium sports channels, there are other ways to watch your bet come in. allows you to put your selections on a customised list so that you can see the live stats in your selected games as well as get alerted instantly when a team scores.

So, be sure to enhance your sports betting game with the tips and tools above; you won’t regret it!