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very best mascot moments of all time

Here at 888sport, we’re taking a look at some of the very best mascot moments of all time, across the world of sports. 

From Premier League Football, to across the seas with Major League Baseball and College Football, there are plenty of mischievous mascots that you can watch with your favourite sports teams every week. Whether you’re looking for an Ice Bucket Challenge, a mascot tackling a streaker, or a dance off, you’re certain to find everything you’re looking for with our Best Mascot Moments of all time. Once you’ve had your fill, head on over to 888sport betting in order to place your bets for your favourite sports, and then watch your favourite mascots in action!

Burnley mascot Bertie Bee

One of the most memorable mascot moments of all time is one to be remembered throughout Premier League Football History. Burnley mascot Bertie Bee manages to stop a streaker in his tracks during a match against Preston in 2000, after he manages to dart around security. Bertie Bee was dubbed a hero, after he tackled the streaker to the ground and celebrated in front of the crowd.

T-Rac the mascot

This exciting moment is one of the most remembered in all of American Football mascot history, and is definitely one of the most outrageous. Throughout this best mascot moment, a Tennessee Titans cheerleader is swallowed whole by T-Rac the mascot during an American football game against the Oakland raiders. She quite literally disappears into the mouth of the mascot!

Berlino the Bear mascot

Berlino the Bear was the star of the 2009 Berlin Olympics and even attempted to race Usain Bolt throughout the competition. This video is more of a combination of the best moments of Berlino the Bear throughout the 2009 Berlin Olympics, and because there are so many, we’re finding it hard to pinpoint the very best!

Deepdale Duck Preston North End’s mascot

Deepdale Duck Preston North End’s mascot, is known for being a mischievous mascot, and holds the record of being the first mascot ever to be sent off in English football, having to be dragged from the pitch as a result. One of his best moments, that wasn’t quite so naughty, was without a doubt the Ice Bucket Challenge when that was trending around the internet.

Uga - Georgia football team’s canine mascot

This is a painful clip for the College Football player, but one of the best moments for the live mascot. Uga, the University of Georgia football team’s canine mascot, suddenly decided to try and take a chunk out of the Auburn player during a game in the US! This is probably one of the reasons why we don’t see many live mascots throughout the world.

This is one of the funniest mascot moments that we have found, as Philadelphia Phillies mascot Phanatic attempted to play the biggest game of 2016 Pokemon Go on the pitch. As a giant Pikachu stood right in front of him and taunting him, Phanatic couldn’t quite work out exactly how to get Pikachu into the Pokéball, and instead walked straight into an umpire!

Astros’ mascot Orbit

One of the most memorable MLB moments was when Astros’ mascot Orbit loses a dance-off to security guard between innings during the game between the Houston Astros and Detroit Tigers. The mascot had nothing else to give after the security guard gave off some epic dance moves, and completely blew away the crowd, even receiving a standing ovation.

Harry The Harbour Dog, mascot for the QBE North Harbour Rugby team

Another Mascot Ice Bucket challenge making our list is Harry The Harbour Dog, mascot for the QBE North Harbour Rugby ITM Cup team, reluctantly accepting the Ice Bucket challenge at Harbour’s home game. This was a great trend, which saw a lot of the players and the mascots taking part in order to raise money for charity.

NHL Mascot Showdown in 2015

One of the very best mascot moments in National Hockey League was the NHL Mascot Showdown in 2015. All of the mascots took to the ice in a battle to win the ice hockey game. But it wasn’t just the showdown game that we looked forward to seeing, it was also the All-Star Weekend Mascot Showdown Dance off!

Mascot - Benny The Bull

Benny The Bull has had so many awesome moments that we just had to put in a compilation. With excellent trick shots, pre-show dances, dress-ups, super dance moves, and plenty of days cheering up the kids going to watch the basketball games, Benny The Bull is without a doubt one of the best basketball mascots you will ever come across in the sport.

fish mascot

America’s Got Talent stars, the ZooperStars, are taking the mascot craze one step further, having appeared at a Baseball Game wearing a Chicago Bulls Jersey, and Minor League Baseball Team The Corpus Christi Hooks got in on the action as the fish mascot ate one of the workers and spat his clothes out!

This fish-eating-human phenomenon even crossed the pond, with the half-time show at Derby v. Blackburn! From a friendly football-skills/passing show with ZooperStars fish mascot, to the trainer being eaten alive – we’ve seen it all.

Super Mascot Rocky

Super Mascot Rocky is one of the craziest mascots out there, and is known for his many tricks on the basketball court. This time, he went one step further as he attempted a backflip dunk from a 30 foot ladder at the 2012 NBA Playoff series between the Nuggets and the Lakers.

NFL Mascots

These NFL Mascots just ‘Can’t stop the feeling!’ and this hilarious video showcases all of the NFL mascots dancing and singing along, doing some solo moves and a finale with all of the players right at the end to enjoy.

We just had to mention Benny The Bull again! This loveable mascot swooped in and stole a Celtic fan’s girlfriend when he was on the phone and didn’t realise that they were on kiss cam during the Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics game!

mascots Archie and Wolfie

If you’re searching for a funny mascot fail video, then you’re in the right place. During an exhibition game against the University of Nevada, the two teams’ mascots (Archie & Wolfie) danced atop the dug out for the fans… however Wolfie didn’t quite finish his dance on top of the dugout.

In a college volleyball game, this poor mascot was hit by a powerful return! While this isn’t one of the most well-known mascot moments, you can be sure that for the mascot himself, it was definitely one of his most painful!

mascot, Harvey the Hound

This poor mascot, Harvey the Hound, made the ultimate blooper during an ice hockey match, as he attempted to stand atop of the barriers surrounding the ice rink, and ultimately found himself in a bit of a sticky situation.

Ever wanted to see a dance-off between some mascots and the cheerleaders during a basketball match? Then you’re in the right place, as Rumble the Bison battled the Thunder Girls during half-time.

Mt. Rushmore Mascot

Talking of mascot battles, one of the most interesting games of American Football you will find is when the Denver Broncos took on the American Football mascots in a game featuring Mt. Rushmore!

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