NBA: The finals collision course

Joe Arlauckas
I hate to say this, but not as much as the NBA would not like to admit it. This years playoffs have been a copy of the entire season. A very predictable league with few new teams and no surprises at all...

The NBA had a difficult season filled with boring games and controversy over the resting of star players. Coaches have jumped on the Gregg Popovich bandwagon and begun to rest their stars at anytime during the season, much to the dismay of fans all over the U.S. not to metion, the commisioner, main advertisers and league sponsors.

During the playoffs it is possible for teams to get some extra needed rest and you can do that by winning your first and second round playoffs as fast as possible. That is exactly what the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have done. Both teams know they are on a collision course to meet in the finals, they just have to fufill their obligation first and win a couple playoff series. Right now the teams are on easy street with some time off while the other playoff teams battle each other to a near death. The Cavs won their first two playoffs with a clean sweep and the Warriors match them making easy work of the Trailblazers and the Jazz.

Now I will touch a little on the other two playoff series. The Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards look to be heading for a seventh game in that series. As of now they are tied at 2 games apiece with the next game in Boston. Both teams have held serve on their home floor but it seems to me that Washington is the better team here. My original prediction was  a Wizards victory in the seventh game on Bostons floor but I would not be surprised if they win game five and close out the Celtics at home.

The San Antonio Spurs are doing their best to escape from a Houston team that will not let the Spurs walk all over them but this series is far from over. Houston dominated game one in San Antonio then gave up two games in a row, including game three on their home floor. An easy victory for the Rockets in game four led to an overtime loss Tuesday night back in San Antonio and we now see the series at 3-2 in favor of San Antonio. By the looks of these numbers and stats it’s pretty obvious that this playoff also has every chance to be decided in a seventh game that will take place Sunday the 14th in San Antonio, a whole week after the Warriors closed out the Jazz Tuesday night.

So we have Golden State with almost 10 days to rest and the Cleveland Cavaliers with a possible 12 days if the Celtics and Wizards are going seven. Maybe now you can understand why I said these two teams, who have played in the last two NBA Finals, are on a collision course to meet again for the third straight year. An absolute first for the NBA. 

I am not a fan of seeing the same teams year after year but I must admit that I am hoping to see a repeat and this time have everyone healthy. This way there is no talk about players being injured or other players suspended for a game as we saw the last two seasons. This year let them get their rest, let them arrive to the Finals happy and healthy and when the series ends let’s have no doubt who is the real NBA Champion!!

Enjoy the rest of the Road to the Finals and check back here for more betting tips and game analysis.