Joe Arlauckas
Sit back and take a rest says the NBA to the majority of it’s players.

Sit back and take a rest says the NBA to the majority of it’s players. Things have definitely changed in this new era and the players that do not attend the big game have a whole week to rest, relax and disconnect. First though before the big game on Sunday are all the special events leading up. Skills Challenge, Three Point contest and of course the Dunk Contest. I’m going to look at some easy ways to make some cash before the All Star Game even begins.

Let’s look first at the skills competition. Last year was a big surprise but one that big men like myself like to see. Karl-Anthony Towns upset Boston guard Isiaah Thomas by drilling his last 3 point attempt. This year Thomas returns and right now is the favorite with John Wall to win, both paying 3.00 to 1 in It will not be easy for anyone to pull of the same kind of upset as last year but if there was someone that I would think about putting my money on it would be New Orleans Pelican star Anthony Davis. Davis is without a doubt the most agile big man in the league and can stick the three from anywhere. At 7.00 to 1 he is not a bad pick to add to the misery of guards being beat by the bigs in a skills challenge.

Klay Thompson returns to defend his title as the leagues best 3 point shooter and is paying a nice 3.25 to 1 and I don’t see this as a bad bet. Thompson is without a doubt the best catch and shoot guards to ever play the game and this competition is set up for him because of his ability to grab the ball off the rack and let it fly. If I was looking for the upset here I would look to Kyle Lowry paying 6.00 to 1, but I would rather bet on the repeat.

The dunk contest will be without Zach LaVine who has dominated this competition for the last two years although last year LaVine was challenged by Aaron Gordon who will return again this year alone since Lavine is been grounded by injury. Gordon of course is the all out favorite but at only 1.55 to 1. Not really worth the pay day there and if I was going to go out of the box and look for some value I would start looking at DeAndre Jordan who pays whopping 15.00 to 1. We all know that big men usually do not win this competition because they lack creativity but this could be the year that things change just remember Karl-Anthony Towns.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!!!