Friday Night Euroleague and NBA Fun

Joe Arlauckas
Hey Hey, let’s have a little of fun tonight and instead of seperating the Euroleague and the NBA I am going to combine them in what could very sweet for all of us.

The Euroleague game that I like here is one to be played tonight in Madrid at 21:00 CET when Real Madrid takes on EA7 Armani Milan at home. In the Spanish side is a 15.5 point favorite. This Italian team as we can see has been just awful as of late but does come into Madrid with a little momentum. I know they lost 10 games in row but we need to look at the recency factor here. They are on a two game winning streak after defeating Galatasaray in Milan by five points and then came back to upset a difficult Olympiakos team by 16 two nights ago!!! Please do not think I am saying there will be an upset here, by no means will Milan defeat Madrid but those 15.5 points sure look good when it’s paying 1.91.

Now let me jump to the later NBA games that I like. The first game is between the Sacramento Kings and the Indiana Pacers playing in Indiana. The Pacers are a 4 point favorite here and look to be in a good position to cover that spread. The Kings are in the middle of a long and difficult road trip, this will be their fifth consecutive road game with still three more to go. Let’s take into account they have won 2 in a row against the Detroit Pistons and then an overtime game against Cleveland and have had little time to rest. This is a perfect time for them to take a night off considering they will be playing a back to back tomorrow night in Charlotte, a team that beat them by 1 point earlier this season in double overtime. They should be looking forward to some revenge there so I consider tonight against a Pacer team that is 16-6 at home a trap game. Pacers should cruise here. The line has gone from -4.5 to -4 points for the Pacers, I plan on waiting a little to see if it will drop any lower then jump all over it.

Combining these two is also an interesting play that would increase our payout all the way to 3.65. When our Armani Milan bet cashes in early it just may be a long night in anticipation of a nice payday watching a little NBA on the tube, enjoy your evening!!!

Good Luck