The long anticipated matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors has finally arrived which is good news for the NBA after the worst playoff month we have ever season. The only positive about those playoffs was watching these two teams dominate their opponents so we could win money. Cleveland and Golden State essentially jogged through their playoffs winning by large margins and making them almost a sure thing in all betting forums.

Now we have arrived at Game 1, things have changed a bit and we just might need to put on our thinking caps and actually do some homework. Hopefully that is why you are reading this article because you know that I have already done most of the research for you so you can just sit back and collect.

Here we go, the Warriors are a 7 point home favorite to begin the NBA Finals. Let us take into account a little information about the past history of these two rivals who, for the first time in NBA history, meet for the third straight year for a rubber match showdown. In the last 10 times these two teams have met the average margin of victory is at an astounding 19.2 points a game. That includes a one point Cleveland win this past Christmas day and also last years seventh game that was decided by 4 points. To be honest I am not really sure how to process that info but thought it was very interesting considering that these teams are pretty evenly matched and 7 of those 10 games were last years NBA Finals.


The other number that stands out in is the game total of 225.5 points. This total is a record for Game 1 in the history of the NBA Finals. Again, let’s look at the trends between these two offensive powerhouses. In the last 9 contest the average total of points scored between both teams has been 204 with the highest total of all 9 being that aforementioned Christmas day game that the Cavs won 109-108 in Ohio.

I know history should have nothing to do with this and I hear some of you screaming that the Warriors are a different team with Kevin Durant. There is no doubt you are right but I honestly don’t think things have changed that much. The Finals is different, the Cavs are not facing an extremely weak Eastern Conference team, they are squaring off against one of the best defenses in the league. If Cleveland in turn defends the perimiter and limits Golden States 3 point looks these games can go under pretty frequently. Last years Finals saw 4 games under the total, 2 over and a push. The two regular season matchups this season also went under their total.

If we are looking for a good betting angle here I would have to go with the Warriors -7.5 @ 1.93 and I would also look to include the Under 225.5 @ 1.96.

Enjoy Game 1 and look back here for more winners before Game 2.