It is April and welcome to the NBA playoffs, sit back and enjoy because we will be here for a while. The playoffs begin on April 15th and if we are fortunate enough to go to a seven game final like last year it will not end until June 18th. That is a long time to enjoy the best part of the NBA season and also take advantage of some nice betting and money making opportunities in

The first look we will have is in the Eastern Conference where we saw what some might call quite a surprise, the Boston Celtics are the leaders and have home court throughout the playoffs in the East. Their first round Matchup though will not be an easy one as they will face the Chicago Bulls. They split the season series 2-2 with each team winning on their home court. Three of the four games were tightly contested before a 20 point Celtic victory on March 12th. This will be a closer series than most 1vs.8 in the past but we should see the Celtics moving on to the next round.  BOSTON CELTICS 4-2

The second seeded Cleveland Cavaliers basically gave away the first seed to the Celtics by resting their stars throughout the season with a “we don’t care, we can beat anyone, anywhere and anytime attitude”. They will face Indiana in round one and have pretty much dominated the Pacers this season. With a 3-1 series lead this year the Cavs won those three games by a total of 29 points with the only loss on November 16th in Indiana. The Cavs usually turn it on this time of year and want their stars to rest so I see them sweeping the series in four games to get those extra days off. CLEVELAND CAVALIERS 4-0

The young Milwaukee Bucks have found themselves in the playoffs as a 6 seed and will face the Toronto Raptors who finished third but with the same 51-31 record as the Cavs. Toronto is one of those teams that is always hanging around the top but can never finish come playoff time. They should get by the Bucks who are just happy to be here but will give Toronto some problems but the Raptors will advance to face the Cavs in the next round. TORONTO RAPTORS 4-2

The 4vs5 matchup is usually the more difficult playoff and has the most possibilities of going to a seventh game but not this time around. The 4th seeded Washington Wizards face the Atlanta Hawks. The Wizards could not of asked for a better pairing in the first round. They matchup perfectly with the Hawks and have won the last three games including a 26 point blowout in Atlanta on January 27th. The Wizards play the Hawks well and should be looking forward to facing the Celtics in the next round.  WASHINGTON WIZARDS 4-1

Enjoy these playoffs in the East and remember to check back here for some betting tips and angles throughout this years playoffs in